I’m not much of a web designer, so I don’t always recognize when a website truly looks great. That said, after almost fifteen years of programming and developing websites, I do recognize when one looks downright awful.

When I personally develop web applications, I have only one real design goal: Keep it simple. After recently looking over what I’ve done so far with the nfpchart.com application, I realize I’ve fallen far short of that goal.

In both the application and the blog, you’ll notice I’ve begun removing many of the thick rounded borders around various elements of the pages. Most of them were unnecessary, so getting rid them is a good thing.

Although my primary focus right now is on adding new functionality to the application, I’ll also be keeping an eye out for ways to simplify the look and feel. Visitors to the site should expect frequent changes.

As always, comments, criticisms, and suggestions are welcome. Fire away!