Since putting NFPchart online over two years ago, I’ve admittedly done very little to improve it. I’m always looking forward to finding a month of free time where I can focus on some serious enhancements. It’s a month that never arrives.

After talking it over with Kathryn earlier this week, we agreed it would be better if I focused not on a major overhaul, but rather on a number of incremental enhancements. I came up with the idea of Forty Days of NFPchart. I’m proud to announce it today.

Here’s how it works: Every day, now through August 15, I’ll try to make some minor improvement to NFPchart. When I do, I’ll describe the change on this blog.

I already know there are a few days when I won’t have time to make even a simple change. Still, if I manage to create some modest enhancement on even half of these upcoming days, NFPchart will have improved a lot.